About Us

Founded in 2022, AVL Polymers Inc. is a trading company. Formed with the mantra “A vision for life”, AVL Polymers main focus is to improve sustainability in the procurement of plastics, solving supply chain issues, and packaging. 

We work with warehouses globally for storage and packaging. We are experts in working with shipping carrier and possess the knowledge to easily navigate and clear customs for export as well moving materials domestically.

Delivering Growth with Sustainability

Our Mission

We strive to become the answer to the procurement and logistics problems of our customers.

Our business philosophy is based on meeting the needs of our customers when it comes to supplying and service.

Reliable Supply Chain for Plastic

We trade many different kinds of plastic resin such as  LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, and PVC in both prime and non-prime forms.

We also procure things like floor sweeps, purge, and film bales.

Trading Solutions that Deliver a Difference

We specialize in the procurement of polymers with expert customs clearance solutions.